Project announcement & goals

As a former journalism student, I’ve been trained to follow the news. As an undeniable environmentalist and sustainability advocate, I track the progress (and pitfalls) of national climate policy. This project is an attempt to catalogue both of these interests in an online, archive-based format, as well as for future research.

The Trump Administration, beginning in January 2017, has promised the American people outstanding changes to the country’s energy policies forged under President Obama, specifically relating to: climate change, oil and gas exploration, and power plant regulations, among other contested issues.

This 15-week project, as an independent study under Ohio University’s Political Science department, will:

  • provide background reading materials on the promises announced by the Trump Administration regarding actions on climate policy during the campaign and prior to the Inauguration on January 20, 2017
  • track climate-related policy announcements and advancements made by: President Trump; the Trump Administration; the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate bodies; the U.S. Supreme Court; and various state and local government initiatives regarding energy & environment issues
  • post a weekly bulletin of news articles and commentary relating to these climate-policy initiatives
  • provide additional scholarly reading materials, including: relevant historical policy analysis; current political analysis and commentary from political science scholars; and current research into political trends

Please visit the Contact page, or reply to this post, regarding any questions, comments, or concerns about the project methodology. All comments will be moderated by the project developer, Bethany N. Bella.


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